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Go back to where it all began, with the classic medical drama, ER. Experience life, loss and love alongside your favourite doctors and nurses, at Chicago's County General Hospital.

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    Season 1, Episode 1

    M Dr. Mark Greene considers joining a private practice. Dr. John Carter arrives for the first day of his internship.

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      M Pratt and Chen face a dangerous situation. Meanwhile, Sam tries to escape from her son's father and find a new life with her child.

      M Lonely, Carter struggles with his unfulfilled dreams in the wake of his girlfriend's departure and lurches towards a dangerous temporary solution.

      M Carter persuades Corday to perform an organ transplant on an HIV-positive biker. Pratt performs below his normal capabilities when he returns to work too early after having brain surgery.

      M Corday is disciplined by hospital administrators for ignoring proper protocol after performing an organ transplant on an HIV-positive patient.

      M Pratt turns processing the patients into a competition for the interns which leads to one of them making a big mistake.

      M A groundbreaking episode traces real-time events in the emergency room as Kovac, Abby and Sam struggle to save the life of a man who complains of stomach pain but is later diagnosed with a life-threatening condition.

      M Sam and Kovac treat a woman who was brutally beaten and raped. Meanwhile, Carter and Abby tend to a girl complaining of kidney problems.

      M A police officer shot during a robbery is rushed to the emergency room where his condition is stabilised but he is left in a coma. His 15-year-old son must decide whether to authorise a risky operation or to leave him permanently comatose.

      M It's Christmas Eve, and the emergency room staff scramble to finish work and go home for the holiday. Meanwhile, a distraught Chen looks for someone to work her shift so she can take care of her sick father.

      M Abby gets kidnapped by two gang members, who order her to save a critically injured third gangster who desperately needs surgery.

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