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Weekdays at 12.30pm on TVNZ 1


Weekdays at 12.30pm on TVNZ 1
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  • Emmerdale Episodes

      • Friday 21 Jul
      • 13 days left to view

      PGR Carly has a surprise reunion with her ex. Marlon arrives intending to propose, but ends up violently intervening in their confrontation, causing further distress for everyone. Nell gets a shock.

      • Thursday 20 Jul
      • 12 days left to view

      PGR Marlon wants answers, Lydia makes a discovery and Zak feels frustrated.

      • Wednesday 19 Jul
      • 11 days left to view

      PGR Vanessa is stunned, Emma is defensive, and Nell has a plan.

      • Tuesday 18 Jul
      • 10 days left to view

      PGR Carly stumbles on the social media profile of an old friend and experiences a rush of nostalgia. Adam makes his feelings clear, while Vanessa is left feeling frustrated.

      • Monday 17 Jul
      • 9 days left to view

      PGR Rhona returns to the village with some shocking news for Paddy. Emma tries to make peace with Moira. David and Tracy visit Pollard, who is clearly traumatised by his recent experiences.

      • Friday 14 Jul
      • 6 days left to view

      PGR Pollard is threatened in the shop by Josh and Jamie. The tension grows for Adam, and he takes it out on Emma. Sam comes up with a plan to get Lydia a job.

      • Thursday 13 Jul
      • 5 days left to view

      PGR Josh and Jamie are released by the police. Dan feels intimidated, and after Amelia is threatened, he decides to withdraw his statement to Police. Moira is furious when Adam admits to kissing Vanessa.

      • Wednesday 12 Jul
      • 4 days left to view

      PGR Dan is uncomfortable as Kerry and Amelia hail him a hero. The robbery is the talk of the cafe. Noah encourages Samson to scam some money out of Sam.

      • Tuesday 11 Jul
      • 3 days left to view

      PGR Eric believes he's broken some bones and Dan apologises to him. Moira and Charity come to blows.

      • Monday 10 Jul
      • 2 days left to view

      PGR Tracy has her book launch. Charity feels rejected. Lydia gets more than she bargains for.

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