Set behind the scenes of an ordinary Kiwi secondary school, this unscripted comedy series follows the hopelessly and hilariously inept people in charge of educating the next generation. Made with the support of NZ On Air.

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    Season 1, Episode 1
    • Wednesday 8 May 2019

    ML Judy announces the theme for this year's school show. Robyn issues a challenging classroom writing task. Jarred deals with an unusual parental request. And Vinnie reacts to the news that the students think he is a bully.

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      • Wednesday 30 Sep

      ML Jared reveals that the school is being audited, causing great concern amongst the staff. Rudy returns with legitimate teaching qualifications, but is he Rudy, or someone else? Robyn reveals her living arrangements, which leave a lot to be desired, and Vinnie tries to kill one of his students - with kindness.

      • Wednesday 30 Sep

      ML Sheree and Jared try to figure out who has been tagging the school. Adult student Robert is accused of being a stalker and the auditor arrives at school to utter chaos.

      • Wednesday 7 Oct

      16LS Robyn's new residence causes all sorts of problems, and the auditor feels pressure from all sides.

      • Wednesday 14 Oct

      16L The graffiti artist strikes again, and Jarred holds a school assembly to encourage the culprit to come forward. Robyn causes a fight amongst her students and discovers a piece of information that gets Vinnie thinking.

      • Wednesday 21 Oct

      16L Judy announces that she wants to be the star of this year's school show. Adult student Robert receives an award at assembly which makes him get emotional.

      • Wednesday 28 Oct

      ML Adult student Robert sets up a men's group in order to connect with other men of his age. Meanwhile, Robyn battles with the ex (again), and the school's new emergency procedures have everyone confused.

      • Wednesday 4 Nov

      ML The teachers finally do their parent-teacher interviews - but the results leave the parents with more questions than answers.

      • Wednesday 11 Nov

      ML It's school camp time and the teachers and students are completely unprepared for the experience.

      • Wednesday 18 Nov

      ML The teachers deal with the morning after the night before and lay down a new set of rules at school camp. Jarred takes an art therapy class at school which reveals more about himself than it does about his students.