The Blessed Mvmnt hip hop collective

"Edgewalking" is a term used to describe the reality of being a young, African, Muslim, following your dreams in Auckland 2018.

It's a largely unseen lifestyle, a reality explored through the eyes of Blessed Mvmnt, an eight-member hip hop collective from the suburb of Mt. Roskill. 

They have a vision of making it big, while also making their families proud. But can they achieve both? 

Kiwi and African cultures collide, and Islamic religion is set against the backdrop of New Zealand mainstream living. 

Edgewalkers is about the everyday challenges of cementing an identity, while seeking approval in all sorts of places and also staying true to your roots. 

The series explores these issues, as the young men translate their own experiences through the international language of hip hop. 

It's about friendship, brotherhood, music, fitting in, and finding your way in the world. It's about loving, fighting and acceptance. It's a journey into the unknown. 

Stream the full season of Edgewalkers right here, from 12pm Thursday 6 September.