Mazen Tahir aka Mayz

Mazen Tahir - 21 years old


Mazen Tahir (aka Mayz) is of Eritrean-Ethiopian descent. 

He's already released two original music videos on YouTube, for his songs Bread and Chlorine.

By day he studies Communications at AUT, by night he works on his music. 

He's grown up with the Blessed boys, they're like brothers. Mazen's ambition is to grow the group's following in the New Zealand industry, and then internationally. 

His Islamic faith is very important to him, and this inspires a lot of the lyrics in his music. 

He's most proud of the work he's done on his solo career, and the creative collaboration with Syco and Gho$t

Mazen hopes to one day work in radio. 

"I've always been interested in entertainment, picked up music and expressing myself over a beat," he says.

"Our songs are about us. We started calling ourselves Blessed Records, but we're more than a record. We came up with Blessed Mvmnt because we're blessed to be here in New Zealand, blessed to grow up with each other and blessed to make music."