Jibriil Ahmed aka Gho$t

Jibriil Ahmed - 22 years old


Jub (aka Gho$t) is one of the founding members of Blessed Mvmnt. 

He has a particular interest in social media management for the group. 

He is of Somalian and Czech Republic descent, but Auckland born and raised. He wears his dual heritage with immense pride. 

Jub's mum came to New Zealand as a refugee from the Czech Republic, where she met his father, also a former refugee, from Somalia. 

His parents met at an African community gathering in Auckland, and went on to have him and his brother, Yassin. 

Yassin (aka Stunna) is a fellow Blessed Mvmnt member who also performs with the group. 

Jub hopes to study and work in the field of Geology one day. He developed a keen interest in the subject on a trip to Somalia with his father. 

In the meantime, he's looking for work in the fashion and retail industry, and spends his time perfecting his musical craft with the group.