The Drawing Show

The Drawing Show

Join Penny the pencil and her pals for a fun and informative drawing lesson.

The Drawing Show
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    Season 1, Episode 1
    • Banana

    G Penny's nervous for the first show, so she keeps things simple and draws a banana. But The Great Eraser has a trick up his sleeve...

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      • Foot

      G Feet are notoriously tricky to draw, so, much to Carol's disgust, Penny breaks down the steps to drawing a rather large foot.

      • Self Portrait

      G Drawing yourself or someone else can be quite difficult, but Penny's got some tips that might help you get started.

      • Unicorn

      G Learning to draw a horse is particularly hard, but for Mark unicorns are even more intimidating.

      • Puppycoptersaur

      G With Penny out of commission, Mark takes the reigns resulting in a very unusual creation.

      • Shirt

      G Drawing a shirt might seem a little on the boring side, but Mark has ideas about jazzing it up.

      • Pizza

      G The cast are all very excited when Penny draws a delicious pizza... except Mark who isn't thrilled with some of the toppings.

      • Guitar

      G Penny draws a cool looking electric guitar, but does anyone actually know how to play it?

      • Tree

      G The Drawing Show cast are all feeling a little bit worn out, so Penny decides to do the show on her own, demonstrating some new techniques along the way.

      • New Zealand

      G Penny thinks it's a great idea to draw our own country, however Mark has a very different interpretation of Aotearoa.

      • Snowman

      G A broken air-conditioner turns the Drawing Show theatre into an ice box, so Penny decides it's only fitting to draw a snowman.

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