The second season of critically acclaimed drama, Doctor Foster is about to launch Monday 9 Ocotober at 8.30pm on TVNZ 1.

From launch the whole second season will be available to watch in its entirety online on TVNZ OnDemand.

For those unfamiliar with the show, Doctor Foster follows the story of Gemma Foster, a woman that one day begins to suspect her husband is cheating on her.

Her investigations lead her down a dark path that ultimately could shatter her entire life as she knows it.

The entire first season is available to watch right here.

We've pulled together the key moments from season one below to jog the memories of those who've seen it.

It's pretty safe to say that there are spoilers ahead. So don't read on if you aren't up to speed!

The moment that started it all. Gemma Foster finds a long, blonde hair on an item of her husband's clothing.

Episode One:

Gemma Foster lives a seemingly perfect life. She lives in Parminster in the UK with her loving husband Simon and her son Tom.

She's an accomplished senior partner and GP at the local practice.

Gemma begins to suspect that her husband is cheating when she finds lip gloss in his pocket, and later a long blonde hair on his scarf.

Paranoia sets in, she even follows him to see what he is getting up to.

The stress takes its toll on her work life too. She befriends a young patient called Carley to get her help spying on Simon.

Gemma threatens Carley's abusive boyfriend in exchange for her trust and help.

During his fourtieth birthday celebrations, Gemma confirms her suspicions when she finds a bag holding clothes, condoms and second phone in the boot of his car.

On the phone are photos of Simon with Kate Parks, the 23-year-old daughter of the very wealthy Susie and Chris Parks.

Kate realises she's pregnant.

Episode Two:

Gemma gets home from Simon's fourtieth and immediately packs his bags.

He comes home drunk and goes straight to sleep. The next morning everything is back to normal, his bags unpacked.

She can't seem to escape her problems at work even. She swaps patients with Ros so that she can see Kate, who has come in for an appointment.

After a suspiciously thorough examination, Gemma realises that Kate is pregnant.

Ros takes over here and assures Gemma that Kate is booked in for a termination.

Gemma plucks up the courage to confront Simon about the affair, but he denies everything.

It is revealed by both Ros, and a workmate of Gemma's, Jack, that Simon has an extensive history of womanising that Gemma was unaware of.

Gemma makes an appointment with Anwar, a divorce lawyer she met on a night out.

Simon and Gemma's accountant and neighbour, Neil, proves to be just as faithful as Simon.

Episode Three:

Gemma is advised to act as though nothing is wrong by divorce lawyer, Anwar. He strongly encourages her to investigate her current financial situation and find out more about the affair.

Neil is Simon and Gemma's neighbour and accountant. Gemma takes him out to dinner to find out about their finances.

They sleep together so that she can blackmail him into revealing all of their financial information. He informs Gemma that there is a massive hole in Simon's development only being propped up by a mystery investor. It is also revealed that Simon has also remortgaged their house by forging Gemma's signature. 

Kate and Simon have a massive falling out because he refuses to leave Gemma. Carley sees this all unfold at her work and informs Gemma, who now believes Kate is off the scene. 

Simon's mother has been ill for a long time. She suddenly ends her life in the care home she is in by way of overdose.

Unsure of how she got hold of enough pills to do so, there is a strong feeling that Gemma assisted her.

Gemma decides not to go through with the divorce.

Gemma peers out the window to see Simon back to his old tricks with Kate.

Episode Four:

Things are looking better. Kate is out of the picture and Simon is putting in effort.

It all turns south quickly at work though. Carley has reconciled with her abusive boyfriend and he has laid a formal complaint against Gemma.

This coupled with a large number of negative online reviews and the suspicious death of Simon's mother, is enough for Gemma to be suspended from work pending investigation.

The final straw comes when Gemma visits Simon's work unannounced to find that he is still seeing Kate.

She flees Parminster suddenly to visit her foster mother on the seaside.

Here she attempts to swim out and drown herself but in a moment of clarity, she returns to the shore, more determined for revenge than ever.

Gemma ambushes Simon when he gets home with a surprise dinner engagement.

To his horror Gemma takes him directly to the Parks' residence.

Kate reacts to the big reveal at the family dinner table.

Episode Five:

Kicking off right where the last episode finished off, Gemma dramatically reveals the affair at the dinner table. Attempting to catch Simon, and Kate's parents off guard.

It is revealed that Kate's parents were backing Simon's development, though they were unaware of the affair.

Kate has also begun to show, and Gemma realises that she did not terminate the pregnancy.

Gemma blackmails Kate's dad with her knowledge of his illegal dealings at the council, this ensures that once the project is completed she will recieve all the money that Simon had fraudulently signed her out of.

With revenge strongly on her mind, Gemma takes off with Tom.

She returns later and is greeted by Simon, who is concerned that Tom is not with her. Gemma insinuates that she has done something to Tom when she places a pair of scissors and a lock of hair on their bench.

Simon strikes her, pushing her into a window. Tom and Simon's assistant arrive in time to see the aftermath. Gemma had cut her own hair to push Simon into hitting her.

The next we see of them, Simon and Gemma haved divorced. 

Kate and Simon are moving to London to start a fresh life.

With the complaints being withdrawn, Gemma has remained in practice. Her and Tom are staying put.


Season two of Doctor Foster begins Monday 9 October at 8.30pm on TVNZ 1.

You can stream the entire season from the exact same time on TVNZ OnDemand.