Warning: Potential spoilers ahead. Catch up on season one here.

Doctor Gemma Foster portrayed by Suranne Jones

Gemma Foster: (Played by Suranne Jones)

In season one, Gemma was a happily married mother and doctor, living in Parminster with her husband Simon and son Tom.

When she discovered a long, blonde hair on an item of Simon’s clothes, her following investigation revealed an affair that unravelled her whole life.

The ordeal revealed that when push comes to shove, Gemma is resilient. She refuses to play the victim and instead becomes ruthlessly ‘productive’, for lack of a better word.

Season two leaps forward two years after the explosive climax of the first season.

The dust has thoroughly settled and Gemma is getting on with life. She's working at a larger practice, is happily single and has a fantastic relationship with Tom.

But will Simon’s sudden return send Gemma back to square one?