Angus McLaren as Dr Toke.

As if Hugh needed anything else getting in the way of his potential romance with Penny…

A rival has arrived on the scene in the shape of Packed to the Rafters star Angus McLaren. He plays charismatic ex-army medic Dr Toke.

Penny is living in the city and Hugh has returned to Whyhope to work out the remaining days of his probation. 

And while he’s busy trying to ignore the chaos the hospital has been left in, Penny might just fall into the waiting arms of Toke.

Has Hugh missed his chance with Penny?

McLaren, who is best known for playing Nathan Rafter, describes Toke as “a bit of an action man”. 

“I wanted the chance to play a character quite different to ones I’ve played before,” he told TV Week.

Also new to season two is Kiwi actress Brittany Clarke, who played Millie Hutchins on Shortland Street in 2016. 

Clarke is playing Whyhope’s ambitious new nurse Mia, replacing season one nurse Aoife.

The full season two of Doctor Doctor is available to watch here.