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Dirty Laundry

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  • Dirty Laundry Episodes

      • Wednesday 21 Sep 2016

      PGR New Series: The Raffertys are a typical NZ family. But their entire life is based on a very dirty secret...

      • Wednesday 28 Sep 2016

      AO Cash causes complications for Kat and Bianca, as there are shocking revelations about relations.

      • Wednesday 5 Oct 2016

      PGR When Donna is accused of murder, Kat finds her suburban mum is anything but ordinary. A misunderstanding leads Matt to romance.

      • Wednesday 12 Oct 2016

      PGR Kat is driven to desperate measures. Bianca reveals her betrayal, as Matt's obsession with Leisha gets him into hot water.

      • Wednesday 19 Oct 2016

      AO As Matt faces a threat, Donna goes to war to protect her grandson. Kat finds the truth about her father who might not be as dead as he seems.

      • Wednesday 26 Oct 2016

      PGR Kat fears her mother's reputation will kill her career, as Bianca faces hard reality and Matt gets creative in a good cause.

      • Wednesday 2 Nov 2016

      PGR Bianca finds the perfect tenant, as Kat finds she's in a deal with the devil. A condom incident blows up with disastrous consequences for Matt.

      • Wednesday 9 Nov 2016

      PGR Double episode: A visitor from Australia puts the family in jeopardy, forcing Matt and Kat to extreme measures. Bianca finds her workmates are her enemy.

      • Wednesday 16 Nov 2016

      AO Double episode: Kat and Matt have romantic dilemmas, as Bianca faces a cruel choice.

      • Wednesday 23 Nov 2016

      AO Season Final: Turner puts the family under pressure, as Matt deals with an enemy within. Kat takes extreme action to save Donna.