Rupert Herring.

Working almost entirely with found timber, I see wonder and potential far deeper than surface appearance and often completely detached from the materials original use.

As such, my work oscillates along a delicate line between sculpture and furniture.

Through exploration & experimentation I take great joy in transforming ordinary objects or material into the extraordinary, in some cases celebrating the ‘not so perfect’ aspects of them; defects, wear & historical attachments are all subjects I find myself drawn to.

A piece of old, discarded furniture has its history engrained into it and thus when I re-work a piece of furniture or wood, I give it a new lease of life.

It is a cliché but it is the truth when I say that my work seems to come from within; the people that have surrounded me, the experiences in my life & the influences I have been subjected to are all contributing factors & reasons for my style of working and continue to be so.

I believe that everything we make is a result of our life experience, our culture, our language, and the exchanges we made with other people during our lives.

In a world where throw-away is taken for granted and choice is paramount, the limitation of using what is pre-used and sustainable is very liberating.

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