Craig Guy.

Being a natural born maker, craig splits his time between working as a designer and fabricator at a 4WD Mechanic’s and his own furniture design startup company, Artifactmade.

With his diverse skill set and eye for form, Craig can go from fixing an engine to crafting high-end furniture on any given day.

After studying Industrial Design at Massey University, Craig left with a First class Honours degree, a top of class award and received a sliver for his honours project at the NZ Best Awards.

An endless work ethic and passion for science fiction led him to working as a prop builder at the internationally renowned Weta Workshop, working on blockbuster films to larger than life exhibitions.

This gave way to co-founding his own furniture company which after releasing their first modular product, garnered a finalist selection at the 2017 Best Awards.

With a strong belief in holistic design, Craig’s approach is a constant balance of ethics and design throughout his creative process.

Combined by his love of science fiction, he creates products that are conceptually challenging and dynamic in form, while having a positive, considered life cycle.

His aesthetic consists of strong angular lines complemented with soft edges.

With his experience as a fabricator Craig is familiar with metal but is never afraid to explore and use whatever substrate is right for the task at hand, often allowing the materials to guide and inform the design helping to create innovative and boundary pushing designs that are unlike anything seen before.

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