Mark Strong as Max Easton.

Retired MI6 Intelligence Officer Max Easton (played by Mark Strong) is living a quiet life in the French countryside. 

He has a wife, two young daughters, and a workshop where he passes his time. But his violent past still haunts him… 

When a mysterious motorcyclist spooks him, and his credit cards are blocked, Max starts to get suspicious. 

Then something sinister comes knocking, and through the speakers of an anonymous cellphone, Max receives a cryptic message.

“Family is everything. See you in London.” 

His former MI6 superiors essentially blackmail him into returning to service.

They tell him that his son Harry has been killed in the field. Following in his father’s footsteps, it seems Harry was shot while on a mission in Iran. 

Joe Dempsie as Harry Easton.

Max can’t walk away, he vows to uncover the truth behind what happened to Harry.

He lies to his new family and travels to Beirut, where the trail begins, on a mission to make things right. 

But what Max doesn’t know is, this isn’t personal. The case is linked to something much bigger.

An international conspiracy is simmering beneath the surface, and Max could be in grave danger if he breaks it wide open… 

Joe Dempsie, who plays Harry, says Deep State isn’t just another routine action series. “The world’s not screaming out for another spy drama. Unless you’re going to do something different with it, there’s no point.” 

For Mark Strong, the combination of home-life and ass-kicking action scenes was irresistible. “There’s a lot of stunts, gunfights and car crashes, and then there’s an emotional family element too,” he says.

It’s almost like two series moulded into one - truthful, gritty, fast-paced drama, with sentimental undertones and a hint of escapism. 

Deep State is a complete sensory experience. Prepare to be both astounded and impressed.  

Premieres Friday 6 April, same day as the U.K. on TVNZ OnDemand.