Coverband cast (left to right): Johnny Barker, Wesley Dowdell, Matt Whelan and Laughton Kora.

MATT GIBSON - as played by Johnny Barker

Silhouettes Band Leader

Matt is his own worst enemy. Hes a great dude, an awesome guitarist and an even better friend. Unfortunately he's just a bit of a bloody muppet. 

The original idea for Coverband came from Johnnys own experience playing in covers bands around Auckland. An accomplished actor, musician and filmmaker, Johnny is also the guitarist/singer in Auckland band The Aristocrats. His screen credits include: Auckland Daze , Underbelly NZGo Girls  and as everyones favourite serial Killer Joey Henderson on Shortland St .

KNUCKLES - as played by Wesley Dowdell

Silhouettes Drummer.

Knuckles is the loveable heart of the band. He may not say a lot, but the band wouldn't be complete if he wasnt there. Like that extra screw left over after assembling a BBQ, it's best to keep it handy just in case.

Best known for his role as Aaron Spiller on Outrageous Fortune, Wesley rates his two line conversation with Anthony Hopkins in The Worlds Fastest Indian as a massive moment in his career. Wes has also appeared in the NZ feature film Lovebirds. Working as a musician since 1998, Wes currently plays in an originals group called BoomCity based out of Thames. He's also a part of a duo called Jez and Wez.

ALEX GIBSON - as played by Matt Whelan

Silhouettes Bassist.

Alex is a man who has found himself torn between two worlds, that of rock and roll dreams vs. an office cubical and casual Fridays. Always a straight-edged, straight-A student at high school, Alex was, in a word, unpopular.

Matt is a highly accomplished stage and screen actor, most well-known for his role as Brad Caulfield in TVNZ 2's Go Girls, for which he won a Qantas Film and Media award. His credits on the big screen include The Most Fun You Can Have Dying3 Mile Limit and My Wedding and Other Secrets. With a strong musical background, Matt taught himself to play bass just two days before the audition. 

JUKEBOX - as played by Laughton Kora

The man with the microphone.

Jukebox is the true definition of rock star; volatile, charismatic, self-professed sex on a microphone. As long as he gets paid hell turn up, well, most of the time.  

This is Laughtons first major screen role since graduating from Toi Whakaari: New Zealand Drama School in 2004. Turning his back on acting Laughton followed a musical path founding the hugely successful band Kora, with his three brothers.