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Hokonui Tails

It’s one of the most testing days of the year on Bushy Park farm in Southland – tailing day.

“We should get through five thousand as long as there’s no muck ups,” says owner Vince Aynsley.

He says the trick to tailing is a good gang of contractors, and making sure the right men are in the right place.

Vince Aynsley says he’s lucky to have a good contractor in Mark Taylor who’s designed his own set of mobile yards – they ensure they can get through thousands of lambs a day.

The Aynsley’s have been farming at Bushy Park for more than 40 years, but Vince’s wife, Bella, is a newcomer to the world of farming.

“I came to New Zealand as a tourist 15 years ago, and that’s when I met Vince,” she says.

“I remember Vince was wearing a nice top. He’s never worn it since but never mind, ” she laughs.

Vince says, “It was the one and only time I wore it – I think she’s been disappointed ever since!”

Adjusting to life on a sheep and cattle farm was a steep learning curve for the girl from Holland who grew up in the city.

“I’ve learned a lot about farming,” Bella says.

But she says she and Vince can have their moments when they’re working together.

“I give him a couple of warnings – if you don’t like it you can do it yourself! I must be doing something right; I’m still here 15 years later.”

Vince Aynsley says he knew he always wanted to be a farmer – he grew up on Bushy Park and has never wanted to leave it.

His father died when Vince was just 22, and he found himself managing an 1100-hectare farm with eight thousand stock units.

“When Dad was still alive I went to the bank and bought 500 ewes and worked my way up from there.”

Of his six brothers and sisters, Vince was the one who wanted to take over the farm.  He borrowed the money to buy out his siblings.

“I was grateful for the opportunity but there was certainly some stressful years dealing with the loan.

‘There were a few years we were going backwards, but now I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.”

The Aynsley’s have won two Ballance farming awards - an environmental one and one for their contribution to the community.

“We’re very lucky and have a good work life balance,” Vince says.

Bella loves her new life in New Zealand. “What I love most is the scenery. It’s fabulous.”



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