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Drunken Nannies

Amanda Goodman loves each of her dairy goats as though it were a member of her own family.  And so do the members of … her own family! 

Which is fortunate because in spring, her three kids (the two-legged variety) have to share their mum with her other 100 or so kids (four-legged) or they’d barely see her at all.

‘At this time of year, it’s seven days a week,’ sighs a somewhat sleep-deprived Amanda. ‘We’re individually bottle-feeding them, sometimes up to five times a day.  Then we’re going around the does several times a day and sometimes twice at night, checking on the newborns.’

And that’s just the kidding part of the operation.  Amanda and her husband, Lindsey Goodman, run a 300 hectare sheep and beef farm outside Martinborough in Wairarapa. 

And, as if that isn’t enough, over the last two years Amanda has built an award-winning cheese business.  Lindsey milks the 50-strong dairy herd and Amanda makes the cheese, packages it, markets it, often delivers it and manages the vast amount of hygiene, testing and paperwork required of any dairy producer, all from a small shipping container next to the house.

It’s the house she grew up in.  Amanda’s parents Wendy and Dave Fairbrother bought the farm in the 1970s when it was almost bare except for the abundant gorse. 

But by the time they retired and Amanda and Lindsey took over, they had turned it into a picturesque landscape of lush, green hills, dams frequented by ducks, multi-coloured shelter-belts and stands of protected native bush.

And, by good fortune, a purpose-built kidding shed.  Amanda’s parents had tried farming angora goats in the 1980s.  The venture was short-lived but the infrastructure remained and now in spring it is now to 100 outrageously cute kids.

‘I was about 10 when Mum and Dad got their first goats and I just fell in love with them,’ Amanda says.  ‘They're such gorgeous animals.  When I had children I wanted them to experience the same happiness I did.  So we got a couple of pet goats, then more and more till I realised I had to do something with all that goat milk!’

So Amanda did a couple of cheese-making courses.  Almost the moment her Drunken Nanny brand hit the shelves, the awards started rolling in and chefs were clamouring to include her cheese in their dishes. 

‘It’s been a huge learning curve,’ Amanda says.  ‘We're really proud of getting to the end of our second season with the knowledge that we've acquired, not just through getting things right, but also through getting things wrong.  But there’s still so much more to learn.’


For more about the Goodmans’ cheeses, visit:http://thedrunkennanny.co.nz

For more about Martinborough Vineyard, visit:http://www.martinborough-vineyard.co.nz

For more about the New Zealand Cheese Awards, visit:https://nzsca.org.nz/cheese-awards




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