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Barley Barons

A Canterbury couple who have broken new ground growing and malting barley say the secret to success is their passion for their business. 

Owner Doug Michael says: “You've got to know the difference between romance and passion.  Romance gets you into bed, but passion gets you out of bed in the morning.”

Doug and his wife Gabi have abandoned the traditional model of growing and selling barley direct to a processor.  Instead they have built a massive malt-house to process their own barley into malt, the key ingredient in making beer.

Through their drive to be the best, Doug and Gabi have successfully taken their product to world markets. Australian beer brand Cavalier uses their malt and brewer Steve Martin says: “We believe that it’s the best malt in the world.  Nothing else compares”.

Doug says optimism is a key to their success. “We're not over-thinking it,” he says.  “We're not constrained by ideas or traditions, so we can be leaders rather than followers.”

Working with engineers from the Czech Republic, Doug has designed and built his own malt-house for a fraction of the normal construction cost.

Gladfield Malt is now synonymous with the craft beer and home brewing market and they also supply to large commercial brewers such as Harrington’s in Christchurch and Tuatara in Wellington.

Gabi immigrated from Brazil 14 years ago to follow her dream of becoming a farmer, which she says is not an easy vocation for women in her home country. “Women can do anything here,” she says. “Unfortunately, it’s not like that in Brazil.”

Doug though, sees the benefit of Gabi making the move. “Their loss is my gain,” he laughs. “She's the best worker I've ever had!”


For more about Gladfield Malt, visit:www.gladfieldmalt.co.nz   


For more about Harrington’s Brewery, visit:www.harringtons.nz





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