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Living the Life

She loves trees, he loves cars, and between them they’ve living their ideal life on a Waikato lifestyle block.

‘It’s an awesome lifestyle,’ says Steven Clothier.  His wife, Sheryn, adds: ‘We were discussing the other day what we’d do if we won Lotto and we decided we wouldn’t change much.’

For the last 10 years the couple have lived a self-sufficient life.

Sheryn produces almost all the food they need on their 3.5 hectare property near Tirau in central Waikato.

She’s planted 242 trees and says: ‘I collect trees the way some people collect stamps or cars.’

The trees produce more than enough for the couple and she gives away a lot of the fruit and nuts they produce.  ‘It’s good to spread it around the community rather than let it go to waste.’

Sheryn also has pigs, ducks and sheep, but she says her most valuable animal is the house cow.

‘She provides all our dairy – milk, yoghurt and cheese – and she produces four or five calves a year for our meat,’ Steven says. ‘What we don’t eat, we sell.’

As well as keeping them fed, Sheryn runs Corrugated Creations with Steven, doing design, marketing and liasing with customers.

Steven is in charge of their other business, MercWorxs.

In his yard he has more than 140 wrecked Mercedes Benz cars.  ‘It’s a hobby that’s got a bit out of control,’ he says.

‘It’s developed into a business. I send car parts all around the country and a few people arrive from overseas and think they’ve found paradise.’

But Steven is best known for is his corrugated iron creations, which have transformed their nearest town, Tirau.

‘If I say I’m from Tirau no-one knows where it is, but if I say I’m from the town with the big corrugated iron dog, they all know where that is.’

Steven built the dog ten years ago to house the town’s public toilets and it’s become a landmark, along with the signs he’s made around town.

‘We started out with one, and then it went to five, then ten. Businesses in Tirau got in behind it. It’s given the town a real identity.’


For more about self-sufficient living, visit:www.lals.nz


For more about growing trees, visit:www.treecrops.org.nz


For more about Steven and Sheryn’s corrugated iron creations, visit:www.corrugatedcreations.co.nz


For more about Steven’s Mercedes Benz parts, visit:www.mercworxs.co.nz





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