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Water Boy

When Whitianga commercial fisherman Adam Clow leaves port he never knows which direction to point his boat. “It’s a special moment when you let the lines go and pull away from the wharf”, says Adam, who loves the feeling of putting a bit of water between himself and land.

“At the start of a trip there’s always a lot going through your brain. You are trying to pull together a lot of information to decide the best place to fish. It all comes down to instinct. Once you’ve pointed the boat to port or starboard, you have to stick with your decision”.

Adam Clow is a third generation fisherman. His father Phil Clow also fishes out of the Coromandel port of Whitianga. Both men target mainly snapper in the North Island’s coastal fishery from the North Cape to the East Cape.

Adam describes himself as a new breed of commercial fisherman and believes there is a lot of positive change in the industry. “There are a lot of younger guys coming through and they have good mind-sets. They want to catch fish, but they want to do it in a way that is friendly on the environment. They look after things as they go”.

A long liner, Adam enjoys this style of fishing because he still gets to be a hunter. “It is up to me to find the fish, decide the right time to set the lines and pull them up.  Every hook, every fish gives you a bit of a buzz. Long-lining allows us to release all our small fish alive and means we are not upsetting too much while making a living”.

Adam is also helping to protect native Black Petrel seabirds from perishing in fishing lines. There are only 2-500 breeding pairs left in New Zealand. Adam and his crew trekked to the top of Mount Hobson on Great Barrier Island to see Black Petrel nesting chicks.

“It was amazing to hold these chicks; it made you think about what you can do to help them survive. By law we have to use Tori lines which sit over our lines to scare the birds. I also add weights to ensure the lines sink quickly and don’t sit on the water. They are our special birds and we are saving them one by one”.


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