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Starting Young

When the Bibby family gather around the kitchen table you can guarantee one subject will be talked about – sheep.  And more sheep.

‘Oh sheep talk goes on all day every day,” says Kelly Bibby, “there’s a lot of sheep talk. Sometimes I have to stop them and change the subject to horses!”

But Kelly knows she’s fighting a losing battle with her husband, Hamish, and her 12 year old son Dylan obsessed with sheep and their genetics.

Hamish Bibby runs a stud for the Kelso breed of sheep at Onga Onga Hawkes Bay, and his son Dylan is already a champion breeder of rams.

“I’ve always loved breeding, “Hamish says, “I’ve been referred to as a ‘sheep geek’, but I took it the right way because I’ve got a passion for it.”

Dylan Bibby’s been breeding sheep since he was a toddler – he now has a flock of 40 black and coloured sheep.

His ram, Geoff, won the Supreme Award for Black and Coloured sheep at the Royal Hawkes Bay A&P Show in 2014.

Most of Dylan’s competitors are much older than he is, and he says some of them are a bit taken aback to be beaten by him. But he knows his stuff.

“What I’m looking for in rams is good high pastons, a good head, and nice colour. The pastons are the back feet, the ankle joint, and if they’re sitting low they aren’t good for showing.”

Hamish is also an award-winning breeder, and his rams are regularly attracting buyers from here and overseas.

“We’ve got buyers who’re coming over from Australia to buy our ram semen, and they’re coming back because it’s working for them. Which is great,” Hamish says.

The breed was developed in this country in the 1980s, and Hamish says they’re a resilient sheep who cope well with extremes of weather, even maintaining high lambing rates in a drought.

‘The reputation of the Kelso is spreading – it’s one of the top composite breeds and is a brand name of quality.”

Hamish says his aim is to become the best Kelso stud in the country. But it’s not only in sheep breeding that the Bibbys are extending their reputation.

They’re also competitive in horse riding.  All four children ride under the guidance of their mother, Kelly.

Dylan wants to win Pony of the Year. ‘Whatever he does he’s very competitive,’ Kelly says.


For more about Kelso sheep, visit:http://www.kelso.co.nz


For more about coloured sheep, visit:www.colouredsheep.org.nz


For more about the history of the Bibby family, visit:http://www.waipawa.com/index.php/edward-bibby-and-the-bibby-church





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