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Take a look at iconic rural Kiwi life in New Zealand's longest running television series! Made with the support of NZ on Air.

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    Season 2020, Episode 1
    • Sunday 1 Mar

    G Biological dairy farmers in Otago grow the most nutrient dense food they can, expanding into free-range chooks & eggs, raised on pasture fed with seawater from the local coast.

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      • Sunday 22 Nov

      G A woman has farmed alone since her husband died in a farm accident 13 years ago, but she gets a lot of community help to restore and conserve the native bush on her land.

      • Sunday 15 Nov

      G The third generation on a sheep and beef farm in the Tararua district aims to leave the land in the best possible condition for new generations to come.

      • Sunday 8 Nov

      G A woman abandons a corporate career to live her rural dream, only to have it nearly ruined by the global pandemic. But she fights back and helps inspire other rural women along the way.

      • Sunday 1 Nov

      G A former shearing record-holding couple farm sheep and cattle near Taumarunui. With four separate farm blocks, they've started planning their children's future on the land.

      • Sunday 18 Oct

      G A sustainability minded family raises sheep and cattle, processes them in their own on-farm abattoir, and sells the meat through their own local butcher's shop, returning the waste to the farm.

      • Sunday 11 Oct

      G The farms owned by Auckland ratepayers employ a team of hard-working people who balance turning a profit and caring for the land with showcasing farming life to city folk.

      • Sunday 4 Oct

      G The COVID-19 lockdown had a silver lining for a North Canterbury family growing vegetables for locals, with demand for home delivered vege boxes soaring through the winter.

      • Sunday 27 Sep

      G A Kapiti commercial fishing family adapts to changing times by starting a new business that supplies locals with fresh fillets, while the offcuts go into their pies and chowder.

      • Sunday 20 Sep

      G A family who were pioneers in growing organic kiwifruit have continued to expand their operation for over 45 years, and now the next generation is deeply involved in the business.

      • Sunday 13 Sep

      G The remote 'Bridge to Nowhere' area broke an earlier generation of would-be farmers, but Dan Steele believes tourism and conservation can succeed in making his farm pay its way.

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