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Take a look at iconic rural Kiwi life in New Zealand's longest running television series! Made with the support of NZ on Air.

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    Season 2020, Episode 1
    • Sunday 1 Mar

    G Biological dairy farmers in Otago grow the most nutrient dense food they can, expanding into free-range chooks & eggs, raised on pasture fed with seawater from the local coast.

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      • Sunday 2 Aug

      G The Australian bushfires caused huge suffering and loss of life for wildlife and farm animals alike, so a New Zealand animal rescue organisation sprang into action to help out.

      • Sunday 26 Jul

      G The heart of the King Country is an unusual place to grow kiwifruit, but the location means a later harvest, resulting in good prices for a couple who also run sheep and beef.

      • Sunday 19 Jul

      G Two generations of a family run a series of successful ventures including apple and persimmon orchards and a cheese factory, but now they're milking sheep to make high-value cheese.

      • Sunday 12 Jul

      G They're called the cutest sheep in the world and their fluffy charm is making the Valais Blacknose a hit with lifestyle farmers, as well as providing income for those breeding them.

      • Sunday 5 Jul

      G A mussel and oyster farmer appreciates how lucky he and his young family are to make a living amidst the remote beauty of Marlborough's Pelorus Sound.

      • Sunday 28 Jun

      G A Canterbury couple buy a small farm close to the mountains and build up a herd of buffalo, which they milk to make mozzarella cheese for local restaurants.

      • Sunday 21 Jun

      G A family finds ways to bounce back and take positives from the earthquake damage their farm suffered, as they make repairs and look to the future.

      • Sunday 14 Jun

      G A traditional sheep and beef farming family take the plunge into the unknown and start growing quinoa, a crop that few others in New Zealand have attempted.

      • Sunday 7 Jun

      G Two generations of a family develop a lavender farm on the shores of Lake Wanaka where they also grow herbs to create their own range of lavender products.

      • Sunday 24 May

      G A family uses a growing method called syntropics to produce all their own food on just one hectare of land, and their favourite crop is bananas.

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