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Counterfeit Cat

Gark isn't a real cat, he's a small blue alien in a purple cat costume who crashed his spaceship into a laundry room. On Earth, he finds a new home and forms an unconventional friendship with real-cat Max!

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    Season 1, Episode 1

    G Max tells everyone the story of how he and Gark became international singing stars.

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      G Max tells everyone the story of how he and Gark became international singing stars.

      G Max and Gark discover a rip in space time under the sofa while looking for a lost toy. The rip transports them to Cat Toy World where they have a fight on their hands to get their toy back.

      G Betty buys a new automatic cat feeder, but Max doesn't like it. Things go very wrong when Gark uses his powers to mess with the machine...

      G Things get seriously spooky when Max and Gark journey through the murky depths of the sewer. Will they make it out alive?

      G Max makes the most of having an alien best friend and uses Gark's powers to do things he's too lazy to do himself but the more Gark helps Max with unnecessary tasks, the bigger the lump on Gark's head grows.

      G Max wants to join The Sunshine Circle, a group of cats who lie on warm concrete in the park, but to do so they have to pass a cat initiation test.

      G Gark tries giving Betty surgery to improve her eyesight, but she ends up having lasers shooting out of her eyes instead. This not only threatens the safety of Earth but also starts a war with aliens in galaxy far away!

      G Max becomes insecure about his cat prowess after Gark coughs up a much more impressive furball.

      G Gark's brand new wormhole arrives in the alien mail and he's super excited to show Max. But Max accidentally gets sucked in! Can Gark rescue him?

      G Max's inner tiger is unleashed when Gark accidentally discovers a cat nip toy. Can Gark rescue him from his catnip-fuelled rage?

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