Where can I watch Coronation Street now?

Coronation Street will continue to broadcast at 9.30pm Wednesday, Thursday and Friday on TVNZ 1. From the week commencing 11 June, episodes playing at this time will skip ahead 18 months to fall in sync with the UK’s broadcast.

If you do not want to jump ahead, the storylines currently on air will continue to air every weekday at 1pm. All episodes, across primetime and daytime, will be available OnDemand if you prefer to watch online.

But if I watch Coronation Street 2018 in primetime, I won’t understand the storylines because you’re jumping ahead…

TVNZ 1 will have a two-hour special, produced by ITV, on Sunday 10 June recapping key storylines across the 18 months we’re skipping ahead. This programme will also be available OnDemand.

The special will mark all the key moments – the births, the deaths, the marriages and the breakups – so if you want to make the jump you will be prepped and ready for the new ‘Coronation Street 2018’ from 11 June.

Why have you made this change? 

We’ve had feedback from viewers over the years saying they’re frustrated with being so far behind the UK broadcast. Viewers have also told us that they’re worried about spoilers online and in the media.

In late 2017 and early 2018 we conducted two surveys with our Green Room Panel, which is made up of 10,000 regular TV viewers. Over three quarters of viewers we surveyed said the delay was an issue for them.  Over 80% said they were keen to skip ahead to the UK’s broadcast. We’ve listened to this feedback and it’s informed our decision to make a change.

What if I don’t want to jump ahead?

We know this change might not suit everybody and we want you to watch Coronation Street in the way that works for you.

We’ve created a new daytime schedule which will continue the current storylines for 1 hour every weekday on TVNZ 1. These episodes will also go up OnDemand, so you will have the choice over which storyline you move forward with.

What will happen to my series link on My Sky or my Freeview Recorder?

Your My Sky or Freeview series link will continue to record the currently airing storylines, The link will simply move to cover the daytime stream.

If you wish to record Coronation Street 2018 (primetime episodes), you will need to set up a new series link for this stream.

Why can’t you just play the 400 episodes to catch me up in a shorter space of time?

It’s not feasible for us to make the 400 intervening episodes available all at once. What we are doing though, is making more Coronation Street episodes available in the different ways that fans of the show want to consume it.

Whether that’s 10 episodes a week of the 2016 storylines in daytime (1 hour every weekday), or six express episodes from the UK each week in primetime (1 hour 3 nights a week), or all of the above OnDemand.

Coronation Street in primetime is still on too late for me, will you schedule it earlier in future?

Coronation Street is important to us. We hope that by jumping ahead we can continue to build a strong following for the soap. If this happens, there could be an opportunity for us to relook at the broadcast time in future.

Do the show’s UK makers know what you’re doing?

Yes, we’ve shared our plans with ITV. They are supportive of us catching the show up to the UK broadcast and they are helping us make this change – the 2-hour special they are creating bespoke for us is a prime example of this.

How can I complain about this decision? 

We welcome your feedback. There are a number of ways you can tell us what you think. 

You can write to us:
PO Box 3819

Phone us:
09 916 7000 

Or use the feedback form on our website here.

Note: moving Coronation Street’s timeslot is not grounds to complain to the Broadcasting Standards Authority. Find out more about the Broadcasting Standards code here