Sophie and Kevin Webster at Jack's bedside

Spoiler alert: This article contains spoilers for Coronation Street 2018. Watch the latest episodes right here.

When Kevin Webster’s son Jack was diagnosed with sepsis, both Kevin, played by Michael Le Vell, and his daughter Sophie, played by Brooke Vincent, battled with a mixture of overwhelming emotions. 

For Sophie, who was looking after Jack when he became sick, guilt was her first reaction.

“She blames herself for failing to realise the seriousness of Jack’s illness,” says Brooke.

“She feels a mixture of guilt, shock and fear I think. It just seems to escalate so quickly and she’s lost with all the medical jargon.”

When the doctors tell Kevin that he has to consider amputating the infected foot or lose his football-mad son, he is devastated.

“He’s heartbroken, he doesn’t know where to turn or who to talk to, he’s in his own little world and he feels lost.” Michael says. 

“It’s a heart-breaking decision to be faced with, Kevin doesn’t want to be the one who decides on amputation, but Jack is so seriously ill he’s left with little choice.”

Kevin Webster in happier times

But can Kevin still be strong for Jack when he wakes up after his amputation?

“He’s got to be, Jack needs him to be strong,” Michael says.

“At the moment he’s still in shock, he feels he’s let him down as a parent, he’s blaming himself thinking he should have been there, maybe he would have seen the signs. He's blaming himself, he's blaming Sophie, he's blaming the world.”

Both actors said they knew little about sepsis before and felt it was important to highlight the life-threatening condition on Coronation Street.

“I think if you haven’t had any experience of the illness, it’s very confusing to know exactly what it is and how to spot it,” Brooke says. 

“Soaps can be so great at making people aware of different issues,” Michael adds. “Not ramming it down people's throats, just making people aware of different situations that affect families.”

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