Connor McIntyre plays Coronation Street villain Pat Phelan

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Not only is there a wedding on the cards, between Michelle and Robert, but Weatherfield's deranged killer Pat Phelan might be about to get his comeuppance.

Connor McIntyre, who plays Phelan, was recently named Villain of the Year at the 2018 British Soap Awards. He’s that good (or should we say bad?).

But how did we get here? Let us explain.

What we’ve missed

Pat Phelan is married to Eileen but, for a long time, she was completely unaware of his murderous ways. 

Phelan had kept Andy Carver chained up in a cellar for eight months. Andy was a broken man after the months of imprisonment.

Phelan then forced Andy to shoot Vinny, killed Andy himself and then silenced Luke as well when he started asking questions.

He was also behind the flats scam that ripped off several of Eileen’s Weatherfield neighbours.

After Luke’s murder, it looked like the game was up for Phelan when Seb put two and two together. He told Eileen of his suspicions and fled the Street.

Not believing her husband could be a killer, Eileen agreed to a fresh start with Phelan and the couple headed to a seaside cottage for a break. 

Sue Cleaver as Eileen Grimshaw

But while they were away, Tim called Eileen to warn her when the police found the bodies of Andy and Vinny. 

Eileen then confronted Phelan at the foot of a lighthouse at night and he confessed to all his crimes. 

But during the struggle, Phelan fell into the sea and was presumed dead. 

Eileen then returned home to face the residents of Weatherfield unaware Phelan had actually survived and had gone into hiding.

Where we are now

When we pick up the story, Gary and his friend Joe have tracked down Phelan to a campsite in Abergele.

Gary has a plan to deal with the murderer but he hasn’t revealed it yet.

What’s coming up

We won’t spoil it! But we can tell you that Connor has said that he was pleased with the way Phelan’s upcoming confrontation went down. “The viewers deserve that pay-off,” he told Digital Spy. “He is a very dark piece of work, so it’s been some journey.”

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