Chris Gascoyne plays Peter Barlow

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It’s been a tough few weeks for Peter Barlow.

After finding out baby Susie isn’t his child and that Toyah lied to him, Peter is devastated and still dealing with her dishonesty. 

“He’s at a loss to know what she was thinking,” actor Chris Gascoyne says of how his character is feeling. 

“He is grieving the loss of his child but it is so complex and hard for him to understand and he is really struggling with it.”

The reveal led to the couple separating, with Peter and his son Simon moving in with Ken.

“The last place Peter wants to be at the moment is playing host behind the bar with Toyah,” Chris says. “Living at Number One with his dad is a far preferable option, which says it all really.”

“What Toyah has done has tainted everything for him”

Peter and his son Simon

With Peter unable to forgive Toyah, it looks like a reunion is impossible.

But Peter might have bigger problems, with Simon’s behaviour starting to spiral out of control after falling in with the wrong crowd.

“He has taken his eye off the ball,” Chris says of Peter’s parenting.

“He had a lot on his plate with the baby and running the pub and Simon has suffered as a consequence.”

“I think Simon has always been looking for something, for a family, he has never felt like he belonged and this gang make him feel like he is part of something. It is sad really because all his life he has never felt like he fitted in.”

Peter thought he would have a better relationship with his son than he had with his own father. But is history starting to repeat itself?

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