Eva Price leaving the Street after saying her final farewells

Spoiler alert: This article contains spoilers for Coronation Street 2018 episodes. Watch the recent episodes here.

We thought we’d seen the last of Coro’s Eva Price a week ago, when she moved to France with her new love Adam Barlow. 

But Eva returned to make an emotional speech at the inquest into Aidan Connor’s death. 

She told the court how much she loved Aidan, the father of her child, and revealed how guilty she felt after his suicide.

“I replay that night over and over again,” Eva said. “I just keep thinking, ‘what if I’d said this or what if I’d done that’, because I was his last chance, to save him, and I blew it.”

After hearing her speak at the inquest, Adam decided Eva wasn’t ready to love him like she still loved Aidan. He told her to go back to France without him, ending their relationship. 

Before she left the Street for good, Eva finally made peace with Johnny Connor, Aidan’s father who recently kidnapped her baby Susie. 

It was hearing Eva speak at the inquest that finally brought the two together in their shared grief.

Eva and Johnny made their peace after Aidan's inquest

“It kind of brings a unity and peace for good with Eva and the Connors,” actress Catherine Tyldesley, who plays Eva, told Digital Spy

“She says to them, ‘Look, I want Susie to know who her father was and I want her to know her family, so you must come and visit me’. So that’s really nice.”

Although Eva has gone, she’s still not too far away to make a return to the cobbles. Tyldesley says she’s definitely not ruling it out.

"Of course I'd consider it,” she says. “We don't know what the future holds, but Corrie has been like a home for me.” 

“From being little, I always dreamed of being on Corrie. It was a dream job and I would love to see Eva come back and wreak some more havoc. I think that would be brilliant."

Watch Tyldesley say goodbye to her character and reveal what she will and won’t miss about playing Eva: