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    Sunday 10 Jun
    • Episode Special

    MC Recap Special - From Here To Now: Ben Price, otherwise known as Nick Tilsley, is our guide on the famous cobbles as he presents an action packed two hour special summarising storylines from the last 18 months. Packed with love, tragedy and familiar faces.

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      • Episode 9626-9627

      PG Kate puts on her brave face. Kevin is concerned for Jack. Does Kate over step the line?

      • Episode 9624-9625

      PG Liz is touched whilst Johnny's mildly suspicious. Kate and Rana's baby plans come to a head.

      • Episode 9622-9623

      PG Abi reassures a nervous Sally. Rita slips up. Could Brian be pushing himself too hard?

      • Episode 9618-9621

      PG Sally's trial takes place. Maria takes up her new elevated role as partner in the salon and realises it's harder than it looks.

      • Episode 9616-9617

      PG Leanne shows Nick her disgust. Ali is struggling to cope and behaves badly under the influence. Gina's latest internet date takes a dangerous turn.

      • Episode 9614-9615

      G Seb has some advice for Abi on her day in court. Steff urges Sinead to be honest with Daniel. Gina is shocked by the identity of her internet date.

      • Episode 9612-9613

      PG Audrey's speech goes viral. Abi confronts Tracy about letting her take the wrap but Seb's hot-headed actions cause her more trouble.

      • Episode 9610-9611

      PG Amy puts her terms in writing for Tracy and Steve. Abi despairs over the twins and their new life. Claudia rubs Audrey up the wrong way.

      • Episode 9608-9609

      PG Carla is determined to find some dirt on Nick who has some shocking news of his own for Elsa. Tim and Gina visit Sally in prison.

      • Episode 9606-9607

      PG Fiz and Tyrone are concerned about Evelyn. Paula has a plan to get Sally out of prison. Rana is keeping something from Kate.

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