Paula Malcomson as Marie

What happens when home is not where a mother’s heart is? This is the question the new three-part drama Come Home explores. 

Written and created by Ordinary Lies showrunner Danny Brocklehurst, the series follows the Farrell family, torn apart when Marie, wife of Greg and mother of three, decides to walk out on their life. 

Coming into the story 11 months after Marie has left, Greg is a single father, struggling to deal with his wife leaving and not understanding why she did it. 

She lives only two miles away but doesn’t want to see Greg or her children, Liam, Laura and Molly.

As the drama unfolds, secrets emerge that both Greg and Marie have tried to suppress. 

Christopher Eccleston as Greg

Did Greg somehow drive his wife away? Does Marie really want to leave her kids behind?

Seeing the past and present through the perspectives of Greg, Marie and their kids, it’s obvious there can be many sides to a single story. 

Starring former Doctor Who and The A Word star Christopher Eccleston and Hunger Games actress Paula Malcomson as Greg and Marie, Come Home looks at the messy realities of parenthood. 

It also sheds light on the taboo subject of a woman deciding that the things she feels she should want - domestic life and motherhood - are not enough for her.

The full season of Come Home is available to stream right now!