Jenny, Pete, Adam, David, Karen and Rachel

When season one starts, the characters are all 30-something and still figuring out what they want in life

Pete and Jenny and David and Karen are married but that doesn’t mean they’ve got everything sorted out.

Plus, Adam and Rachel crash into each other (quite literally) in episode one. It’s the 90s meet-cute we deserve and their getting together relies largely on a landline phone. Remember those days?

Adam and Rachel are basically the British Ross and Rachel

They’re the couple we all rooted for from the beginning, despite all the ups and downs they go through. We just want them to be together forever.

Best of all, a Cold Feet/Friends crossover already exists (sort of)

Remember Ross’ wife Emily? The one he married in London but accidentally said Rachel’s name at the altar? Emily was played by Helen Baxendale, who also plays Rachel in Cold Feet. Spooky.

It has characters both men and women can identify with

It’s got married couples, a romance in its early stages, and forever friendships, like the one between Adam and Pete (a bit like Chandler and Ross wouldn’t you say?). 

Instead of being the Monica or the Joey of your friend group, you could be the Jenny or the David!

Helen Baxendale, Hermione Norris and Fay Ripley in Cold Feet

Like Friends did with the likes of Jennifer Aniston and Matt LeBlanc, it made its stars famous

After Cold Feet, James Nesbitt became a household name. The world was charmed by his Irish accent and his character’s tumultuous love life.

James and the show’s other stars, Helen Baxendale, Robert Bathurst, Hermione Norris, Fay Ripley and John Thomson, have all worked consistently since the comedy drama finished up in 2003.

But they’ll always be Adam, Rachel, David, Karen, Jenny and Pete to us.

Watch as the actors and characters mature and refine with age

They transform from awkward and slightly shabby to shiny TV stars right in front of our eyes. 

It makes us super nostalgic for the 90s

Just the first look at the Cold Feet font has us reminiscing about the good old days.

From the soundtrack to the fashion, the hairstyles and the references, it’s like stepping back in time – and we mean that in the best possible way.

James Nesbitt, John Thomson and Robert Bathurst

Their friendships and their brutal honesty with each other always made us laugh – but they also made us cry

Fans of the original series will know what we mean when we say we totally weren’t prepared for the end of series five. Sob.

It’s completely bingeable

Just like Friends, we could watch episode after episode. Luckily there are seven seasons ready to stream right now!

Stream all 7 seasons of Cold Feet right here from midday on Wednesday 1 August.