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Code Fun

Musical genius Rozzie and her robot sidekick Digi explore and experiment to learn the basics of computer coding and digital technology. Made with the support of NZ On Air.

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Code Fun
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    Season 1, Episode 1
    • Monday 22 Jun 2020

    G Meet Rozzie and Digi the robot! Digi wants to paint a rainbow but doesn't know how. Help Rozzie code Digi to paint a rainbow, then play a fun game!

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      • Tuesday 4 May

      G Digi the robot loves to play hide and seek, can you help Rozzie find Digi? Plus, have fun with Rozzie jumping on her trampoline and code Digi to jump too!

      • Wednesday 5 May

      G Put your thinking caps on and guess what animal Rozzie is thinking of. Then join in with Rozzie and move like an animal.

      • Thursday 6 May

      G Digi's friends Maisie and Hashim show you their critter friends at the butterfly house at Otago Museum.

      • Friday 7 May

      G Kiwi has lost her egg. Help Kiwi through the maze to find her egg-ceptional egg. Plus, meet Rozzie the Magnificent, the amazing magician!

      • Monday 10 May

      G Listen carefully to the clues and guess the animal - here's a clue, it only comes out at night! Plus, play the If and Then game with Rozzie - when the music stops, freeze!

      • Tuesday 11 May

      G Maise and Hashim introduce Digi to a very special spider from Peru!

      • Wednesday 12 May

      G It's time to hang 10 when Rozzie has fun showing Digi how to surf!

      • Thursday 13 May

      G Put your thinking caps on and play the 'guess the animal' game. You'll have to listen carefully to play the game! Later, have fun with Rozzie playing the 'move and freeze' game.

      • Friday 14 May

      G Join Rozzie, Mini Digi and Code Kiwi to find her egg-ceptional egg before it hatches. Watch out for Digi's tricks as they are having a very tricky day.

      • Monday 17 May

      G Digi loves a honey sandwich. Hashim and Maisie don their bee suits to see how bees make honey in their beehives. Rozzie invites you to join in with the bee dance!

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