Coast vs. Country

Coast vs. Country

House hunters search for their dream home, but will it be on the coast or in the country? Presenters Sara Damergi and Kerr Drummond compete to find home buyers their ideal dwelling in this property series.

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Coast vs. Country
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    North Devon
    • Sunday 31 Mar

    G Wendy and Christopher have retired, and plan to move to Northumberland, making it a base to explore the UK in their campervan. Should they spend their 175,000 pound budget on the coast or in the country?

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      • Sunday 14 Jul

      G Sandy and Andy would love a holiday home in Dorset. With Andy away, friend Jules steps in to fight for his dream of a country home, while coastal loving Sandy struggles to balance location and space.

      • Saturday 13 Jul

      G Patricia, Mark and their dog Troy have 200,000 pounds to spend on a holiday home in Somerset. But should Troy's walkies be along the beach or through the countryside?

      • Sunday 7 Jul

      G Marika lives in Germany, but wants to be closer to her family. She is torn between Kent's glorious beaches and its green rolling hills.

      • Saturday 6 Jul

      G Andrew and Lesley would like a home in Somerset. Andrew wants a plot of land, while Lesley would be happy on the coast.

      • Sunday 30 Jun

      G Elaine lives in Derbyshire, where she knows and loves the countryside but has always wanted to live by the sea. Now she's ready to take the leap and start a new life in Kent.

      • Saturday 29 Jun

      G Anna and Wolde have 900,000 pounds to spend on their dream home in Hampshire or Dorset. But while Anna loves the sound of the sea, Wolde wants rural peace.

      • Sunday 23 Jun

      G Daniel and Nicolette want to move from Peterborough to the wide open spaces of East Anglia, but while Nicolette loves a vibrant coastal community, Daniel wants a peaceful rural retreat.

      • Saturday 22 Jun

      G Ian and Ann want to settle in Sunderland. Nature lover Ann wants to live in the country, while Ian dreams of living by the seaside. Kerr and Sara compete to find the perfect home for them.

      • Saturday 15 Jun

      G Godelieve dreams of living in West Sussex, but she also wants to help her daughter with a deposit for a first home in London - can she do both?

      • Saturday 8 Jun

      G David wants to live by the beach while Shirley loves the countryside. Coastal expert Kerr Drummond and country fan Sara Damergi compete to find them their perfect property for 300,000 pounds.

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