Time's short, right?

Do you know what else is short? Plenty of viewing on TVNZ OnDemand.

Here's a quick guide to the best bitesize viewing moments from our great range of Shorts!

Chatty Chatty Bang Bang

Breakfast host Jack Tame is usually the one asking the questions, but hairstylist Guy Roberts ended up schooling him on why frosted tips are out, and then left him speechless when he asked about Jack’s sexual awakening….Check it out below!

The Wireless: Music:

May is of course New Zealand Music Month, so why not gather some sonic inspiration from our collection of Kiwi artists? Perhaps the finest moment is watching Fazerdaze trying to decide what Sherbert would sound like….


Continually and ruthlessly mocked by his various nemeses during the Outward Bound experience, the gangly Darryl battles his demons both physical and mental as he looks to regain his mojo. But witness him winning your hearts when he takes on a road race once again – will he find redemption or just jelly legs?

Mitre 10 Tiny House 

Jacson and Dominique have always had big ambitions for their small home. From living in a tent first, before moving to a caravan, to a tiny home in Raglan, this duo – along with George Clarke – put the hope back into the housing market with their build. See how the dream of “Raglan’s little skyscraper” comes together….and how they deal with the major problem of a lack of storage in a tiny, tiny home.

The Video Store 

We’ve all done it.

Trying to desperately  to remember a film he wants to borrow from Megaflicks to watch, a punter (played by none other than Tickled’s David Farrier) ends up frustrating Video Store worker Leith by telling him: “It’s the one with you know in it? The blonde one…the blonde one.”

Leith, we feel your pain.

But seriously, anyone know what the film is??