Celebrity Treasure Island

Kiwi stars face off in paradise for the chance to win money for their chosen charities. With eliminations each week until the final celebrities remain, it will be a treasure hunt to end all treasure hunts!

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    Season 2019, Episode 1
    • Sunday 18 Aug

    PG The ultimate treasure hunt begins where 16 celebrity castaways go head to head in challenges. Loyalty and rivalries will be tested - all for the chance to win $100,000 for their charity!

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      • Sunday 15 Sep

      G Tonight, a new camp arises out of the ashes of the old - but can the celebs all forgive and forget? And with numbers on their side, ex-Mako team members begin hunting their Kahu survivors.

      • Tuesday 10 Sep

      PG It's a tale of two teams with everything Mako touches turning to gold, whereas Kahu are crippled by thoughts of mistrust towards their new member.

      • Monday 9 Sep

      G Tension reaches fever pitch as betrayal runs rife in the camps. For one team, a divide opens that may never be repaired. Don't miss the most dramatic episode of Celebrity Treasure Island yet!

      • Sunday 8 Sep

      G The mercy card conundrum is tackled by a determined contestant. Plus, Kahu challenge their new teammate. Will they stay tight lipped? Or will they spill secrets?

      • Tuesday 3 Sep

      G One team suffers after losing a strong player to the other side. But in this heated competition, will this switch raise suspicion in both teams?

      • Monday 2 Sep

      G One celebrity's master plan is revealed, and another rises to become a key player. Which team will outwit the other? And who will shoot themselves in the foot?

      • Sunday 1 Sep

      PG Mako go troppo as the competition heats up. Meanwhile, Kahu take their competitive natures to a bizarre new level.

      • Tuesday 27 Aug

      G Mako are hungrier than ever, and the captain of Kahu faces a power struggle. Plus, Mako confront Barbs and tempers flare during an explosive team face-off!

      • Monday 26 Aug

      G The hunger at camp Kahu reaches an all-time high and the female team members plot the dethroning of their captain. Will their plan come to fruition? Or will they be left out in the cold?

      • Sunday 25 Aug

      G Things get wet and wild and a dramatic twist threatens to change the game. With 13 celebrities left, who will be safe from elimination?

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