Leonie Elliott as new nurse Lucille Anderson.

London is still frozen over

In the Christmas special, the nuns were in the middle of what became known as the ‘Big Freeze’ of 1963. 

It was one of the coldest winters on record in the UK. This snow and ice continues into the start of the new season.

There’s a new nurse

Lucille Anderson will be Nonnatus House’s first West Indian midwife. Executive producer Pippa Harris says she is an “elegant, intelligent, witty character”. 

Lucille will be played by Black Mirror actress Leonie Elliott.

There will be a racism storyline

The rumour is new nurse Lucille will become good friends with her fellow nurses, but she will come up against some prejudiced patients. 

The character will shine a light on the experiences of Caribbean immigrants who came to the UK in the 1960s to work for the NHS.

There are dark days ahead for Nurse Trixie

Trixie has battled alcoholism for a while and it seems that her addiction will become an issue again in season 7 – and just as she finds happiness in a new relationship with dentist Christopher. 

Nurses Lucille Anderson, Valerie Dyer, Trixie Franklin and Barbara Hereward.

Trixie will take a pregnant pause

Helen George, the actress who plays Trixie, was pregnant while filming season 7. Thanks to the magic of television and a creative wardrobe department you probably won’t even be able to tell. 

But Helen had to take a break for a couple of episodes for the birth of her daughter Wren. 

We’ll be missing two nurses and a nun

Emerald Fennell and Kate Lamb, who played nurses and couple Patsy and Delia, both quit the show at the end of season 6. 

Sister Mary Cynthia (Bryony Hannah) has also left Poplar in the new season.

There will be a beauty contest

According to Helen George and Jennifer Kirby, who plays Valerie, one of the nurses will take part in a beauty contest. 

While at first they weren’t sure if a pageant would fit with the feminist message of the show, they realised it definitely fit with the era and couldn’t be ignored.

It’s still exactly the same show you know and love

When it comes to season 7, creator Heidi Thomas said it best: “We are still feminist, we are still furious, we still have fun, we’re still fragile, we will still make you cry.”

Call the Midwife season 7 is coming soon to TVNZ 1 and OnDemand.