Host Kayne Tremills, with Brandon Walters and Kamil Ellis, travels through Australia in search of adventure and Aboriginal culture, meeting wildlife experts and visiting Indigenous communities.

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    Season 1, Episode 1
    • Tasmanian Devil

    G Deep in the wilds of Cradle Mountain National Park lurks the notorious Tasmanian devil. With the help of a local 'devil whisperer', Kayne and Brandon track down a den inhabited by a feisty devil family.

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      • Whale Shark

      G We're jumping into the deep end as Kayne races a whale shark in a 100-metre splash dash!

      • Sea Eagles

      G Who says an aeroplane is the only way to fly? Check out Kayne defying gravity when he takes to the skies to fly alongside a white-bellied sea eagle!

      • Perentie

      G The perentie is the king of the desert - but they're notoriously shy, which means Kayne has his work cut out for him when he is challenged to find one.

      • Rodeo

      G Kayne and Kamil prove they're not a bunch of (rodeo) clowns when they get the chance to jump on a bucking bull and hang on for eight seconds - their shortest mission ever!

      • Sawfish

      G Ever tried to hug a fish? Neither has Kayne, but that's his challenge when he gets up close and personal with a sawfish.

      • Camels

      G Back on terra firma this time, we're exploring the red desert, mustering a camel before Kayne has to catch its urine and comb his hair with it!

      • Dugong

      G Doctor Kayne medical checks the endangered dugong!

      • King Brown Snake

      G From underwater to one of the world's deadliest land-dwelling creatures, this time our two adventurers will help save the deadly king brown snake from extinction!

      • Box Jellyfish

      G It doesn't get deadlier than this - Kayne has to give a deadly box jellyfish a manicure!

      • Urban Animals

      G We hit the "big smoke" and check out some endangered urban wildlife when we visit Sydney.

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