The Bromans lads.

Eight British lads are transported back to Ancient Rome (some imagination is required), with their girlfriends in tow.

Here, they have to battle to earn their place, and impress the mighty Emperor. Fail to do so, and they’re banished from the city.

It’s reality TV like you’ve never seen it. Ancient history meets millennial mayhem.

Here’s why we think you’ll love it.

1. The challenges are absolutely ridiculous. 

We’re talking chariot races and gladiator battles, to wine-making, sculpting and full-on naked mud wrestling.

Do we have your attention yet?  

2. Watching them suffer is oddly satisfying. 

Without trying to sound too sadistic, because the contestants are never actually in danger.

These blokes just have no idea what they’ve gotten themselves into.

They’re clearly not used to slumming it, so watching them struggle in their underwear and whinge about stuff is kind of hilarious. 

Club Coliseum

3. It’s basically Love Island, only they’re wearing togas instead of togs. 

They live in a “palace” rather than a villa, and they spend their nights drinking wine in Club Colsieum.

They’re all coupled up, and they’re not afraid to show affection, if you know what we mean…

The end game is essentially the same though - complete challenges, win popularity and emerge victorious. 

4. They’re knuckleheads but you can’t help but like them.

The banter is on point, when the lads aren't busy kissing their biceps or looking for a mirror.

And sure, the competitors are chasing false glory, but you find yourself rooting for the underdog, and some of the things they achieve are surprisingly impressive. 

Dominus and Doctore

5. The costumes really contribute to the illusion. 

Along with the prerequisite togas, expect to see a lot of gold thongs and leather loincloths.

6. The supporting cast are amazing. 

The Emperor’s assistant, Dominus, is played by comedian Tim Bell. Mostly he just lurks in the background drinking wine, making catty comments and occasionally speaking in Latin.

Then there’s Doctore, the muscle marvel who demands attention. He’s there to whip the Bromans into shape, kind of like a 14th century CrossFit coach.  

7. Silliness aside, it’s a show about relationships.

The challenges are representations of real life in a way.

They will test the couples on their teamwork, how they cope under pressure and how they support each other.

So it will either strengthen their bonds… or send their relationships crumbling into the dust. We’ll see. 

8. It scores points for the pun.

BROmans? Come on. It’s so bad it’s good. 

You can stream the full season of Bromans right here, or watch Fridays at 9.30pm on TVNZ OnDemand.