Hollie Booth and RISE at the auditions.

Alesha Dixon has said she was left “humbled” by Hollie Booth, a 13-year-old who auditioned for the reality show with her dance troupe RISE.

Hollie was caught up in the bombing of the Ariana Grande concert in Manchester in May last year.

She lost her aunt in the attack and was left with nerve damage in her leg. She is unable to walk without a splint and attended the audition in a wheelchair. 

She also loves to dance, which is why RISE choreographed a special routine to honour her and what she had been through.

Attending the auditions was the first time since the bombing that Hollie had been to a venue that was similar to the concert arena. 

“For me that audition was bigger than the show,” Britain’s Got Talent judge Alesha Dixon says.

“That’s the only way to describe the magnitude of what she’s been through and the moment of her performing on the show. It felt bigger than us.”

RISE perform on Britain's Got Talent.

Hollie and RISE performed to a medley of Ariana Grande songs, leaving the judges and audience holding back tears.

“It was an interesting audition because on one hand your heart is bleeding and you feel so sad, but by the end of the audition you’re completely uplifted because you’re watching this young girl do the most inspiring routine in such a beautiful way, that you then just felt this joy. I’d never experienced anything quite like it actually.”

“The show has given them the most incredible platform to remind us all how precious life is and to not take any of it for granted.”

The Britain's Got Talent episode featuring Hollie and RISE will air this Saturday 28 April at 7pm on TVNZ  1.