"Put. Them. Away." Simon tells David off like a misbehaving school kid.

Best grumpy Simon moment

There’s nothing Simon likes less than David Walliams bragging about winning the award for Best TV Judge twice and episode two was full of those moments.

Not only did he mention his two National Television Awards but he even got them out and held them up to the crowd. 

“If you’re really lucky you might even win it twice Simon,” he said while the audience cheered him on. 

Needless to say, Simon was not amused.

Most surprising moment 

When 68-year-old retiree Jenny started taking her clothes off before her act, there were a few looks of surprise around the judges table.

But no-one could have predicted what happened next.

Jenny’s grandmotherly appearance was a red herring - her pink cardigan and long skirt were removed to reveal a black leather mini and knee-high boots and she sang an impressive rendition of AC/DC’s Highway To Hell.

“I’m thinking ok we’re going to have knitting or poetry or something,” Simon told her afterwards, proving you should never judge a book by its cover.

“We’ve heard of Jenny from the block, now we have Jenny who does rock,” David added.

Alesha said she was won over the moment she saw The Lost Voice Guy's t-shirt.

Most hilarious moment

We’ve never seen a stand-up comedian leave an audience in hysterics without speaking a word – but that’s exactly what The Lost Voice Guy did in his audition.

The Lost Voice Guy, aka comedian Lee Ridley, has been speechless for 37 years because of his cerebral palsy and used an iPad in his audition to deliver his jokes.

Introducing himself as “a struggling stand-up comedian who also struggles to stand up”, the Lost Voice Guy’s light-hearted take on his life and disability won everyone over – especially the judges.  

“The world needs people like you,” Simon told him. “You’ve got such an amazing outlook.” While David called it “one of the best stand-up comedy routines I’ve ever seen”. 

Andras doing his best impression of an electric razor.

Biggest cover-your-ears moment

Sadly for Andras Lavosh, it turned out he had more holes in his t-shirt than he did singing talent.

He told the judges he would be performing ‘heart singing’, which he called his “special invention”. 

Warning bells should have started ringing straight away.

David, Amanda and Alesha buzzed out almost immediately while Simon, who was all of a sudden a model of patience, asked the others to “give it a chance”. 

Amanda pressed his buzzer for him, telling Andras “it sounded like when my grandad used to have one of those electric shavers.” 

“If I was having a massage this would work,” Simon added, giving Andras the closest thing to a compliment he was going to get.

The Giang brothers flew all the way from Vietnam to audition.

Best don't-try-this-at-home moment

The Giang brothers from Vietnam provided the most edge-of-your-seat audition of the night. 

Starting with some acrobatics that wouldn’t be out of place at a Cirque du Soleil performance, one brother then balanced the other on top of his head before proceeding to walk down the stairs of their platform right up to the edge of the stage. 

“My heart was in my mouth for all of it,” Amanda said after they had retraced their steps backwards up the stairs.

“This was like watching the Olympics, not a talent show,” Simon said. “I’m going to remember this audition for the rest of my life, it was honestly amazing”.

The brothers told the judges they work on their act for four to six hours a day! 

Hollie Booth and RISE perform their special routine.

Most empowering moment

We thought we might have got away with watching a whole episode of Britain’s Got Talent without shedding a tear… but that was before Hollie Booth and her dance troupe RISE auditioned.

Hollie is a victim of the bombing of the Ariana Grande concert in Manchester in May last year.

She lost her aunt in the tragedy and was left with nerve damage in her leg, attending the auditions in a wheelchair.

Her friends in RISE choreographed a dance for Hollie using wheelchairs and a medley of Ariana Grande songs.

The troupe received two standing ovations and, for the first time, the judges went backstage to meet the whole group.

“To go through what you went through and then come out here and turn a negative into a positive is actually quite unbelievable,” Simon told Hollie. “I’m very proud of you. In fact, I salute you.” 

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