Have you had fun with the BGT gang so far this year?

It’s always fun being back with the gang; it’s like coming back to a new school term. We don’t see each other that much outside of filming but when we get back together we just pick up where we left off. The show goes on and it’s quite seamless.

The more we work together the more we’ve formed this lovely camaraderie. It just works. We’re not quite bored of each other just yet, which is great news. 

How did David react to winning the NTA award for Best TV Judge and did he rub it in Simon’s face?

David has brought along his NTA to a couple of auditions and popped it on the table. Whenever Simon does or says something that irritates David, he picks up his award, puts it on the table and says, ‘Well I am the nation’s favourite judge, darling’.

Simon hates that with a passion. We’re all chuffed for him, it’s great for the show, it’s great for him. His ego is really happy!

What was the craziest moment for you during the auditions?

I don’t know what it is but every year Simon is doing things that surprise me more. So, usually when David tries to have a dance with him, Simon is like, ‘Go away, sit down, behave’.

This year we were having what’s like our end of term party, I turned around and Simon was up dancing with David. I nearly choked. You know when you have to do a double take? I was like, ‘Is he actually dancing with David?’ They were swaying away and I was like, ‘Wow, he’s changed!’. 

Has the success you’ve had lived up to your expectations?

That’s a good question, it’s so funny, when you’re a little kid and fantasise about becoming a pop star and then actually do become one and you’re suddenly getting on a plane for the first time, seeing the world for the first time, being able to take care of your family - everything you feared suddenly goes away because you’re in this life changing position.

For me it is everything I thought it would be because doing what I love is freedom. Also, having this understanding when I was young that if you’re lucky enough to have a job you love and are passionate about then you’re winning. So that’s how I feel every day.

I’ve had some incredible opportunities, it’s hard work and you don’t get anything without working hard, there are highs and lows, but the highs far outweigh the lows. So I feel very lucky. 

What would your superpower be and what would you do with it?

My superpower would be a complex one. It wouldn’t be something physical, it would be something mental. It’d be manipulating the mindset of people - make people kinder, more compassionate and more loving. Call me a complex superhero!

How would you spend the £250,000 prize money?

The honest answer is that if I had the prize money I’d put it towards my mortgage! The fun answer would be a trip to the Maldives with all my family.

Britain's Got Talent returns Saturday 21 April at 7pm on TVNZ 1.