Bradley Walsh and Son: Breaking Dad

Bradley and Barney hit the road together, looking for adventure across the globe. They might be father and son but when it comes to travelling, they are worlds apart.

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    Season 1, Episode 1

    G Bradley Walsh and his son Barney begin their epic journey across the US in the showbiz capital of the world - Los Angeles.

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      M Bradley Walsh and his son Barney are back on the road for a third series, but this time they are staying closer to home and heading for Europe. Their first stop is the Netherlands, where they try canal jumping, track cycling and rock climbing.

      G Bradley and Barney Walsh continue their European adventure in Germany. They head to the city of Frankfurt, where Brad is pushed to the edge, literally, as he attempts to abseil down the side of a building, facing forwards.

      G The next stop on Bradley and Barney's European road trip is Switzerland. They take in the amazing views with a ride on a mountain roller-coaster and recreate a famous scene from a Bond film.

      G The father and son have reached Slovenia, a country that loves its sport. Brad's passion for bikes gives Barney an excuse to take his dad motocross racing, which turns out to be a very slippery challenge.

      G Bradley and Barney explore Italy, starting in the picturesque Lake Garda, where Barney surprises his dad by explaining they'll be running off the top of Monte Baldo and paragliding over the lake below.

      G Barney and Bradley embark on the final leg of their European road trip, as they continue to explore Italy. Having reached Rome, they take a trip back in time to battle it out as gladiators.