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Boss – Season 2, Episode 10

AO Season Final: Miller publishes a story that could destroy Kane.


    AO New Season: A lavish groundbreaking of the modernised O'Hare terminals cements Kane's legacy. Despite his seemingly bright political future, Kane continues to struggle with his disease.

    AO Kane hires an ambitious newcomer and poaches his nemesis' aide in an effort to fill the void that Stone left behind.

    AO Kane's growing infatuation with Mona leads him to get swept up in her desire for the redevelopment of a blighted housing project.

    AO Kane eliminates longtime members of his political machine. Meredith and Emma reject Kane's efforts to reconnect.

    AO Kane's war against political corruption threatens his hold over the City Council. Worsening mental symptoms leave Kane unable to tell the difference between reality and hallucinations.

    AO Tensions at the housing project escalate from unrest to rioting. Kane's past haunts him when he quietly seeks treatment at an alternative clinic.

    AO The alternative treatments appear to be working and Kane takes back control of the city, but in his efforts to fix his public perception, he may have to throw an old friend under the bus.

    AO Kane is forced to form a tenuous alliance with Alderman Ross, a longtime enemy on the City Council, in order to maintain his hold over Chicago.

    AO Kane's enemies threaten to bring him down as Chicago's emergency managers prepare to take control of the city.

    AO Season Final: Miller publishes a story that could destroy Kane.