Meet Bluey, an inexhaustible six-year-old Blue Heeler dog who loves to play. She turns everyday family life into extraordinary adventures!

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    The Magic Xylophone
    • Season 1, Episode 1

    G As Bluey and Bingo squabble over their magic xylophone, Dad takes control and freezes Bluey, leaving Bingo as her only hope.

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      • Season 2, Episode 1

      G After Dad eats her last chip, Bingo is given three chances to put Mum and Dad in 'dance mode' as payback. But the others can't resist taking Bingo's turns for her.

      • Season 2, Episode 2

      G On a trip to Hammerbarn, Bluey and Bingo create their own mini-homes side-by-side in the trolley. But Bluey quickly gets jealous of her neighbour Bingo.

      • Season 2, Episode 3

      G Bluey and Mum are off to Chloe's party and Bingo isn't invited. But armed with a magic feather wand that makes things incredibly heavy, Bingo can now stop them leaving the house.

      • Season 2, Episode 4

      G When Dad and Uncle Stripe play a game of squash, Bluey and Bingo are in control of their every move, and Bingo proves that big siblings don't always beat little siblings.

      • Season 2, Episode 5

      G During a game of hairdressers, Bluey discovers that big-headed customer Bert Handsome has nits! To help treat them Bingo has to find her voice, while Bluey has to find her ears.

      • Season 2, Episode 6

      G Dad and his mates hit the backyard, ready to rip up some tree stumps! But when Bluey and Bingo take over a stump as a nail salon, Dad finds he's got some negotiating to do.

      • Season 2, Episode 7

      G Bingo becomes upset when Bluey laughs at something she said earlier. Bluey tries to cheer her up but when that doesn't work, they have to think of a brand new favourite thing to make her smile!

      • Season 2, Episode 8

      G It's Dad's turn to get the kids ready for school and kindy, but Bluey and Bingo aren't making things easy! Dad tries to keep everything on track, but can't help playing along with their games, making them all late... again!

      • Season 2, Episode 9

      G Bingo has to play at home without her sister and she's having trouble finding inspiration. When Dad comes home with a big question about kiwi birds, Bingo is inspired to find out the answer on her own!

      • Season 2, Episode 10

      G Dad washes up on Bluey and Bingo's desert island and while Bingo takes pity on him and tries to help him survive, Bluey doesn't think a grown-up can adapt. Will Dad prove his worth?

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