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Beyond the Darklands

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  • Beyond the Darklands Episodes

    Season 5

      • Series 5, Episode 1

      AO Nigel investigates the life of Jason Somerville, an illiterate loner and necrophiliac, who murdered two women and hid their bodies under the floorboards of his home.

      • Series 5, Episode 2

      AO Nigel investigates the life of Brad Callaghan. A young, successful engineer who, seemingly out of the blue, beat the mother of his child, Carmen Thomas, to death.

      • Series 5, Episode 3

      AO Dean Wickliffe is a repeat offender who has twice-escaped from a maximum security prison. Nigel asks why punishment hasn't deterred Wickliffe from a life of crime, and what could.

      • Series 5, Episode 4

      AO Nigel Latta looks at the life of Cyndi Fairburn, who killed her ex-partner by colliding with another car while he clung to her car bonnet.

      • Series 5, Episode 5

      PGR Nigel Latta looks at two brothers whose lives turned out very differently.

      • Series 5, Episode 6

      AO Nigel Latta looks at the death of 3 year-old Nia Glassie.

      • Series 5, Episode 7

      AO Nigel Latta looks at the life of convicted murderer and paedophile Peter Holdem.

      • Series 5, Episode 8

      AO Nigel Latta looks at how normal people cope when faced with a real life nightmare - losing a loved one through a violent crime.