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Being Me

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    Season 2016

      • Season 2016, Episode 4

      G Final: Rhys Davies was a successful I.T. engineer before a head injury changed his life dramatically. He's not in I.T. now and he's not Rhys. He's Rhysasaurous Rex, an artist living where he can.

      • Season 2016, Episode 3

      G Nick Chisholm is a body builder whose body is paralyzed, a talker who spells words out with his eyes, and a groover who landed his rockabilly wife Nicola from the other side of the world.

      • Season 2016, Episode 2

      G Sam Humphrey is the height of your average 7-year old. Except that he's not 7 - he's 22. However Sam's not going to let skeletal dysplasia come between him and his dream.

      • Season 2016, Episode 1

      G Gigi, a sassy girl with Down Syndrome from a small town America has a big dream- to walk the catwalk.