Tim and the panel are wading into the public healthcare debate this week to discuss our domestic healthcare professional shortage, and its impacts.

New Zealand is facing a shortage of GPs. Currently we are domestically training roughly 200 GPs per year. According to General Practitioners President Tim Molloy this figure should be 300 at bare minimum.

This shortage of GPs stepping into the field is compounded by an increase in workload for many current practitioners. It is feared this could accelerate many of their retirement plans.

What impact will this shortage have on New Zealand? Will online services such as WebMD fill the void for those seeking help here, particularly those in rural areas being hardest hit?

Tim will discuss this with this week's panel: 

Kate Baddock:

Dr. Kate Baddock is in General Practice rurally at Warkworth Medical Centre.
During her career Kate has been involved in General Practice training programmes.


Mikey Havoc:

Award winning TV personality and radio DJ Mikey Havoc joins the panel this week. Since the early nineties he's led a successful career in New Zealand television and radio, hosting his self titled TV show Havoc and Radio Hauraki's drive show, amongst other work. Havo currently hosts the popular breakfast show on 95bFM.


Jenna Raeburn:

Jenna Raeburn is the founding director of the New Zealand division of Barton Deakin. She is an active member of the National Party, having worked on the last two election campaigns, as well as serving in several roles within John Key's Governement. 


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