This week on Banter Tim and the panel are discussing the minimum wage.

The minimum wage, as its name would suggest, is the bare minimum a business can pay employess per hour. This was introduced to stop employers taking advantage of employees and ensuring people in low paying postions were paid fairly. But with the minimum wage currently set to $15.75 and the cost of living so high, is it enough? Should businesses and the government be focussing on a living wage instead? All will be discussed.

Joining Tim this week is:

Politcal commentator, Matthew Hooton joins the panel this week.

Well known publically for his contributions to Radio New Zealand and the National Business Review, Hooton is well suited to talk all things New Zealand politics. Outside of his political work, Hooton has had a long-standing career as communications specialist. He notably aided in the setup of Fonterra and staying on as the company's first head of communications.

Returning for her second appearance this season, Alice Snedden is back in the studio.

As a writer, comedian and improviser, her credits range from some of New Zealand's top comedy shows to her weekly appearances in the Basement Theatre's improv show, SNORT.
She also co-hosted the Survivor New Zealand companion show Little Survivor.

Geoff Simmons is the Deputy Leader and Wellington Candidate for The Opportunities Party, as headed by Gareth Morgan.
Simmons is an economist and has worked for several organisations here and abroad, including NZ Treasury and UK Civil Service.

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