Sarah Parish as DCI Elizabeth Bancroft.

Bancroft follows a battle of wills between two intelligent and determined detectives, DS Katherine Stevens and DCI Elizabeth Bancroft. 

It might sound like a familiar story, but Bancroft takes a typical detective story and turns it on its head.

When we first meet DCI Bancroft she is leading a team of trained operatives on a mission to capture a gang leader. She is calm, confident and completely in charge of the scene.

Her success has her in line for a promotion to Detective Chief Superintendent.

But when she realises that a murder case she worked on 27 years earlier is being re-investigated by DS Stevens, she is visibly shaken. 

Bancroft is determined to shut down the investigation and will do almost anything to make it happen.

Faye Marsay as DS Katherine Stevens.

At first it is not clear why. Did she make a mistake? Was there a cover up? We won’t spoil it here, but needless to say, Bancroft has a secret she is desperate to keep.

Broadchurch and W1A actress Sarah Parish plays Elizabeth Bancroft, who she describes as “incredibly complex and fiercely focused”. 

Faye Marsay, who played the Waif in Game of Thrones, stars opposite Parish as DS Stevens. She has been stuck doing paperwork and is eager to prove herself. 

Attracting the attention of DCI Bancroft is the start of a chain of events she believes will be the making of her.

But could it actually be her end? 

Stream the full season of Bancroft from Sunday 22 April.