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Bakugan: Battle Planet

Dan Kouzo and his best friends are the first kids on Earth to bond with the mysterious creatures known as Bakugan. Follow Dan and the Awesome Ones on their adventures as they protect their Bakugan and the world!

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    Season 1, Episode 1
    • Origin of the Species

    G Dan meets his partner Bakugan Drago for the first time!

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      • Origin of the Species

      G Dan meets his partner Bakugan Drago for the first time!

      • Burger Run / Monkey See, Monkey Don't

      G When the local Burger Joint is being threatened by a rogue Bakugan, Dan steps up to save the day and burgers!

      • Bully for You / Trolling for Laughs

      G The AO must handle a neighbourhood bully who is using his Bakugan to pick on the local kids.

      • Local Heroes / Pegatrix

      G After the AO accidentally cause chaos, Dan's parents question whether the kids should be allowed to keep their Bakugan.

      • Frenemies / Strata's Fear

      G Two new Bakugan Brawlers, Shun and Magnus, try out for the AO.

      • Dog Daze / In Focus

      G Lightning discovers a new Bakugan, Artulean - leading to an unhealthy rivalry with Howlkor.

      • The Exit / The Lost and the Cost

      G The AO compete with The Exit, a rival Brawling team, for ViewTube hits, leading to a 'winner take all' brawl.

      • Mr. Moon / What's Wrong with Dan?

      G Wynton finds a new Bakugan, who proves difficult to control, but things get more complicated when Col. Tripp seizes control of Trox.

      • Babysitting Bedlam / Rubbed the Wrong Way

      G Dan and Wynton meet a strange boy who leads them into an underground maze where they discover the boy's Bakugan has been enslaved.

      • Mask of Power / Story Holes

      G Philomena Dusk, from AAAnimus Corp, hires Magnus and gives him a control implant to bolster the power if his Bakugan to defeat Dan.

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